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You've reached Kahunas Mobile Entertainment
As you embark on your journey for Dj services.  Here are some statements we'd like to give you as food for thought.  

1) We are an equal opportunity for entertainment service. 

2) We reserve the right to discount our prices. 


We've used the slogan,  more boom,  less bucks.  we've got the boom to make your occasion bloom.   We just celebrated our 12th Birthday as Kahunas Mobile Entertainment.  We're a Dj service,  not a Karaoke service.  Not Master of Ceremonies or Wedding Djs,  to be honest.

We are not turntablists,  we are on a computerized system.  I was spinning vinyl in 1983 for a small radio station as their mobile DJ during spring breaks of Daytona beach.  When you hire us, it's about you,  your venue.  We are not really self-promoting and are happy with it that way.    We do not drink.  We do not turn your event into ours.  We specialize in many different types of venues.  My wife and I are veteran spring break survivors of over 30 spring breaks,  large venues and large scale events in food and beverage and hospitality are no strangers to us.  In fact...

2019 marks our return to Washington  and we've had a fantastic come back.  We're proud to say that we are soon to announce and giant renovations in themes and concepts.  As well as undergoing massive upgrades that are going to upgrade our stage presence. the best news, however,  is that our low prices aren't going anywhere.  Most people associate a business's growth will to raise the prices.  Au Contraire, Mon Frere.  What we do is a gift from above,  one we have vowed will never change.


Still presented with a world crisis of imposed mandated safety.  We are available to hire.  However,  we cannot stress enough,  that you should clear all approvals with facility and location and be sure you are allowed to have a DJ at your function first. And if so,  then let's rock.

Rocket Science

Weddings - $400.00

    This compensates for my truck rental and my fee.  further factors may be taken into consideration,  such as distance to venue.  but we're not fee mongers,  we'd discuss that at sit down.  

We do not bring our big set up to rehearsals

our fee covers your wedding day.  If available,  we as much as you would prefer to be set up as early as possible.  We need at least an hour beforehand to set and a half-hour breakdown. WE ask that you understand the standard practice for a Dj fee is average 75.00 an hour and up. So the flat fee with no extra charges is a blessing.  

We will not set up the day before at a location,  regardless of where,  and leave our equipment.  This is non negotiable.  A local Dj did that a few years back and lost all his gear when the facility was robbed during the night.

The rest we'll discuss at the sit down.

Other Djs


E-mail me to contact me,  you'll get my info

We'll arrange local sit down,  Starbucks in Chehalis,  or Starbucks in Centralia

We meet,  tell us when and where and we get details over coffee nice and safe for everyone,  we do not take deposits.  We can prepare contracts,  but lets meet first,  you or you both can make your decision after,  no pressures,  you'll see we're not salesmen.  And if you want the contract and promisary stuff to contract your venue,  awesome.

WE 100% do not book over text messages

we 100% do not book without meeting


First let us say, the power to ya!  Keep'em spinning!

We're not out to plow our competition,  we do not want to know what they charge, we don't ask,  however sometimes customers tell us about outrageous prices they were quoted.  so like I'd tell you face to face,  do this. 


Call around,  check those prices

Contact us,  don't tell us those prices, cause,  we don't want to know,  but..


If our buck beats their boom,  you decide

There are  reasons our prices and services are different

We are not tuxedo renting djs,  we're business casual.

We're music and lights in and out.  Wired 25' Mic from the DJ booth.  The guy that lights up your dance floor and rocks the building.


I am a professional Dj,  but I am in my opinion,  not a professional master of ceremonies.  Although I get no complaints,  its not my comfort zone.  I prefer to stay off the microphone as much as possible and keep the venue about you. 

Although,  we did rock the hell out of the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle,  so.....:)

Dj CuckooKahuna

No surprise fees.  Details pending to get an actual quote,  such as location,  number of hours,  number of days,  number of guests, travel,  gas fees if applicable.   We do people justice,  we will not be taken advantage of,  our rates are very fair.  the only point being made here,  we honor our rates above,  but if long-distance beyond 20 miles is a factor,  they are subject to some modifications that would be disclosed right upfront.  If it isn't agreed upon ahead of time,  it isn't happening.


 Weddings are at a higher rate than our club/bar/non wedding events rates. 


One exception to this can be,  that we agreed on (X) amount of hours and you extend our services beyond agreement time at the time the event is taking place,  then standard rates above apply per hour.  


Captain Obvious Here:


Establishments looking to hire a DJ.  

Everything you read above about us is true.  and of course,  a resident Dj, even if part-time, obviously may be willing to negotiate an hourly fee for residency.  In fact, if your facility is a small business like hours,  we can completely relate. Especially in hard times such as these.  so,  before you feel we may not be able to do business together,  let's talk.

In fact,  I think we could do each other good business.  I'm willing to forgo the mobile ventures of our business and establish residency in an establishment.  If in the event of residency,  mobile bookings will be removed from our site and exclusive dedication to your facility and advertising from there forward will apply.

Contact me establishment owner or manager and I promise you.  You will not get a better offer.  
Small Lights,  Visual Effects, Professional Sound,  Nearly 250,000 Songs and growing

Frankly, I am disgusted
Your silence has been busted
Come to the stage
Power and rage
But you scroll on like turn the page

You don't meet me
You don't greet me
Word, come on
Your silence unseats me

Your packin' a derringer
I'm packin' a Behringer
You wanna throw down
I push the blue button on my crown

Best be lookin' at your back
Ipods and home stereos on crack
I'll roll up into your hood
Gonna drop the bass
Gonna drop it real good

Undercuttin' like I'm the underdog
More for less
We ain't talkin' brain fog

The boom for every occasion
No complicated explanation
No misrepresentation
Competition, battle stations

K. ahunas
M. obile
E. Entertainment
Commensing our reinstatement

Cuckoo is the Dj
Like a Kahuna in the head
Keeper of the Kraken
Gonna make the silence dead

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