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As you embark on your journey for Dj services.  Here are some statements we'd like to give you as food for thought.  

1) We are an equal opportunity for entertainment service. 

2) We reserve the right to discount our prices. 


We've used the slogan,  more boom,  less bucks.  we've got the boom to make your occasion bloom.   We just celebrated our 12th Birthday as Kahunas Mobile Entertainment.  We're a Dj service,  not a Karaoke service.  Not Master of Ceremonies or Wedding Djs,  to be honest.

We are not turntablists,  we are on a computerized system.  I was spinning vinyl in 1983 for a small radio station as their mobile DJ during spring breaks of Daytona beach.  When you hire us, it's about you,  your venue.  We are not really self-promoting and are happy with it that way.    We do not drink.  We do not turn your event into ours.  We specialize in many different types of venues.  My wife and I are veteran spring break survivors of over 30 spring breaks,  large venues and large scale events in food and beverage and hospitality are no strangers to us.  In fact...

2020 marks our return to Washington 1 year ago and we've had a fantastic come back.  We're proud to say that we are soon to announce and giant renovations in themes and concepts.  As well as undergoing massive upgrades that are going to upgrade our stage presence. the best news, however,  is that our low prices aren't going anywhere.  Most people associate a business's growth will to raise the prices.  Au Contraire, Mon Frere.  What we do is a gift from above,  one we have vowed will never change.

We're Sorry During this Pandemic,  we are unable to take reservations or bookings

Dj CuckooKahuna


I'm available





I'm available




We technically do weddings,  even though we do not consider ourselves wedding djs

Starting @


No surprise fees.  Details pending to get an actual quote,  such as location,  number of hours,  number of days,  number of guests, travel,  gas fees if applicable.   We do people justice,  we will not be taken advantage of,  our rates are very fare.  the only point being made here,  we honor our rates above,  but if long distance beyond 20 miles is a factor,  they are subject to some modifications that would be disclosed right up front. Weddings are at a higher rate than our club/bar/non wedding events rates. 

we like to meet at a public place like Starbucks in Chehalis,  discuss your event,  time, location,  details and then give you a flat quote.  Additional fees will not be added once agreed upon,  contracts are available. 


One exception to this can be,  that we agreed on (X) amount of hours and you extend our services beyond agreement time at the time the event is taking place,  then standard rates above apply per hour.  

Frankly, I am disgusted
Your silence has been busted
Come to the stage
Power and rage
But you scroll on like turn the page

You don't meet me
You don't greet me
Word, come on
Your silence unseats me

Your packin' a derringer
I'm packin' a Behringer
You wanna throw down
I push the blue button on my crown

Best be lookin' at your back
Ipods and home stereos on crack
I'll roll up into your hood
Gonna drop the bass
Gonna drop it real good

Undercuttin' like I'm the underdog
More for less
We ain't talkin' brain fog

The boom for every occasion
No complicated explanation
No misrepresentation
Competition, battle stations

K. ahunas
M. obile
E. Entertainment
Commensing our reinstatement

Cuckoo is the Dj
Like a Kahuna in the head
Keeper of the Kraken
Gonna make the silence dead

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