Dj CuckooKahuna

Establishment Managers and Owners

We are experienced and looking to find a roost

to call home.  The arrangement and fees we agree up would be confidential.  If agreeable,  we are willing to forgo our mobile dj business to sit our butts still in your place.  We're in our 50s .  Established,  secure and reliable. Reporting to work and doing what we love to do,  sounds good to us,  lets talk,  please.

3rd Party Venue Planners and Promoters

If you were referred here by any company who had us on a list of local djs.  They did so without our permission and we are not associated with that company.  You should deal directly with me so that no additional fees creep their way into your venue.  

When contacted by outside sources that tell us,  we could make you a lot more money if you let us do your bookings. And they say we are underselling ourselves and our prices are too low.

Our answer is:  We are equal opportunity entertainers. We reserve the right to discount our prices and help people,  cause, its our company and that's what we have chosen to do.   And that is why we do not work for anyone else,  but ourselves.  Cause people need the services at affordable prices.  Not egotistical ones.

Best Prices Under The Sun

When you play at the Hard Rock,  they require

you to hook up to their system and have rules you have to follow.  You can look it up if you want,  they do that to make sure that the house sound holds a certain standard? but they give you the rules and so we were ready to meet with the house sound tech.                                      --------------->>

Home of Daytona Beach Veteran Spring Break

Dj, "Dj Cuckoo Kahuna"

Commencing Rocket Science

Weddings = $400.00.  

  1.  Set up wedding day only,  not rehearsals
  2. This includes us showing up at least an                   hour before the event and setting up and             staying until your reception has ended.

       The average time of a reception is about 4            hours or less.  

3.   We have a wired mic at the booth,  not                     cordless.

4.  We are a small Dj Company,  charging you a          small Dj Company Flat Fee with no                              additional add on fees.


We will not be compared to other dj services because we are not like other dj services. And we believe our fee reflects that.  Would I call myself a professional wedding Dj?  Not really.

 We don't wear tuxedos,  we dress casual and we keep your wedding about you,  we do not advertise or promote ourselves during your special day.  We did not set out to do weddings at all,  its not our specialty.  Yet,  here we are approaching the number of weddings that we stopped counting.


   50.00 an hour

Our little set up packs a hell of a punch,  when we rolled in Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle,  we could tell they chuckled at our mobile rolling set up.  But let me tell ya,  when they parked us on main floor in the dining area,  instead of upstairs on the stage,  their tech was gonna sound check us and wire us into their set up. But due to our event being moved downstairs courtesy of the Hard Rock.  With the front doors open to the Pike Place Market area and open to the public,  we totally kicked ass and recieved some awesome compliments from the staff who totally underestimated us :)

And I quote: 


Sound Tech:  "Shoot,  you guys don't need to be hooked up to anything,  you sound great."

 Front of the House Manager: He came up to me with this huge surprised smile,  "Wow you guys are rockin!"


Other Djs

First let us say, the power to ya!  Keep'em spinning!

We're not out to plow our competition,  we do not want to know what they charge, we don't ask,  however sometimes customers tell us about outrageous prices they were quoted.  so like I'd tell you face to face,  do this. 


Call around,  check those prices

Contact us,  don't tell us those prices, cause,  we don't want to know,  but..


If our buck beats their boom,  you decide.  At this point,  its all fun or we're not interested.  As in,  we don't want to be a part of anything that isn't fun.  And we're not trying to out do or knock anyone else.

Frankly, I am disgusted
Your silence has been busted
Come to the stage
Power and rage
But you scroll on like turn the page

You don't meet me
You don't greet me
Word, come on
Your silence unseats me

Your packin' a derringer
I'm packin' a Behringer
You wanna throw down
I push the blue button on my crown

Best be lookin' at your back
Ipods and home stereos on crack
I'll roll up into your hood
Gonna drop the bass
Gonna drop it real good

Undercuttin' like I'm the underdog
More for less
We ain't talkin' brain fog

The boom for every occasion
No complicated explanation
No misrepresentation
Competition, battle stations

K. ahunas
M. obile
E. Entertainment
Commensing our reinstatement

Cuckoo is the Dj
Like a Kahuna in the head
Keeper of the Kraken
Gonna make the silence dead