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R.P.G. Agents 20 (A)fter (M)agic.

An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

2nd edition Adventure

Found at www.macrayskeep.com

Twenty years ago, the universe learned that magic was not something made up, it was not trickery or fake, it was very real. But that's a very long story, one taught in every history book of man's evolution into magic.  In case you were born under a rock though, mankind had forgotten about magic for centuries but found it again in the year 2110. It's the year 2130 now. The transition into magic believing Earth was not easy. It cost mankind nearly a billion lives. At one point, the deity known as M. Who we all know now is the entity of magic itself. Even the very magic the Gods draw their divinity from. So that makes M sort of a paragon God. Or above greater Gods as scholars might say. Earth found out that its legends like dragons, were real and that they really existed. And that in fact, they still existed, they were just home. Which turned out to be a mirror dimension of Earth, and they rule it. Crazy huh, but it turns out there were a total of ten different dimensions. All having key importance in the way Earth use to be. You see, something called Christianity began and many followed its beliefs. And in those beliefs, magic was sort of hedged out if you can imagine. No one knows how, but Earth divided into different dimensions. Old beliefs went one direction and new beliefs went another. But ya know, this is a debate that no two sides agree on completely. But long story short, magic opened rifts from all the dimensions into Earth. This resulted in roughly ten years of war. Did anyone win? Not really, it's just safe to say, the battle goes on. While there are those who would never see an end in the fight, there are many who now, after twenty years, have learned to live with the new way of the world and its many new inhabitants. Surprisingly too, a great many things of good came out of the co-existence. And even though there are a great many places in the M dimension you would not want to go. Many inhabitants of the earth have embraced the new worlds and even integrated themselves in deep.

At first, the permission to travel into the M dimensions was restricted to military and agencies. This could never be controlled however, with close to four thousand rifts open at any given time within the ten worlds. Supremacy eventually was found to be M's. The many civilizations good and bad that were also victims of this joining, were too vast and too spread out to per se, conquer. It quickly came to be known that indeed both sides were victims of the rifts opening. Military strikes, covert ops, agency operations, denizen invasions. The shear wake of its destruction between rivals, found itself caught up in a battlefield of bloodshed that knew no bounds. That is until the wizards of The Emporial Mageries felt that only they could end the wars. Although they were followers of the deity M, they were good people. Humans, born in the Mageries. An innate world of magic governed by Magocracy. It was only their power, that could stop the fighting. By intervening and taking control of the rifts, which they explained were called Gates of Arcanum. They made peace with the humans of Earth and joined forces with military leaders from all of earth's countries by whatever means necessary it took. Which meant basically, those who resisted and continued to want to fight and attack were attacked, until they relented. If I said that were the end of it, I'd be lying. Because as powerful as the wizards of the Mageries were. Even they would need the alliance to keep control and peace of these nearly five thousand gates inter-dimension-ally.

As the wars subsided. Modern advanced technologies such as computers, artificial intelligence, and machinery, found themselves enthralled by the great minds of wizards from this new world. Wizards were more powerful than any myths had ever been passed on. In just a short time, the magic found that it could manipulate and control modern technology. Once the council of views had control of Earth's defenses, global strike protocols, that was the end of the military resistance. Luckily they truly were about peace. And they aligned themselves with those who would have and keep the peace. With the accord that, we are all living beings, who all deserve life and have a purpose. And with safeguards in place, the peoples of all sides of the dimensional universe began to explore.

The gates of M always have the same exact number of gates open at any given time. The tug of the dimensions in all have created a magical rift tide, known as Magnance. This pretty much means that even though there are some man-made gates, both modern technology, and magical. There are also natural ones. The natural ones, occurring from the tug between dimensions, are subject to random locations. For seven months out of the year, natural rifts open and close for the duration that varies from a day to thirty days each. Although technology cannot predict the locations ahead of time, it can detect them once open. And so, back to the story, governments, agencies, organizations, military, privatized, and independent individuals of all sorts. Began learning from the other, integrating with the other and as it was the way of man. Infiltrating each other for whatever means of their object. Remember how businesses grew at the birth of the internet? It was nothing compared to now. At one-time people were concerned about business's taking their physical location overseas. Now it was a whole new ball game. Now when once, there was a man who progressed in technology and forgot magic, and there was man, dwarf, elf, orc who lived a life of magic. So many more. Now they both co-existed and the booming thriving sharing of knowledge made for a very interesting way of life. So much to learn, so much to be had. The lighted eyes of both sides knew no limit. Dwarves of Duginar trading ponies for Harley Davidsons. Desk jocks trading in virtual role-playing for the real thing. Which by the way, took on a whole new meaning when RPG Agents was founded in 2110. Schools of wizards from the Mageries opened up on both sides of the dimensions, teaching students the truth of magic. They say nearly five million role players worldwide enlisted in RPG's recruitment conventions on the first day. Less than 1 tenth of 1 percent tested positive for affirmation confirmation after exposure. That meant their brains showed signs of retention after successfully performing a cantrip spell after practice for twelve hours. It was the agency's attempt to find natural talent from Earth. There were many such screening ploys used to find exceptional candidates. It is firmly believed many agencies conduct various types of field testing with new candidates.

The transition of magic into the modern world and technology into the magic world has been going strong for twenty years now. Any sense of control over who goes where or why has turned into a never-ending task of monitoring a chaotic system. Though many agencies are powerful, no one agency has authority over the other in the M dimension. If a final authority were to be needed, the Council of Views has the longest reach and largest numbers in power.

From the pore of the sequester and its world of inanimate living objects to the wild magic of the world of the Pith of the Wild. The raw power of tribal magics of Primus, to the deepest depths of the water world of the Apex of Aquarius. Demons from the Apocalypse, time travelers of Chromanica, Dragons from the Wyrm. Wizards of the Mageries and the Gods of Redemption all freely traveling into Earth, there is never a dull moment or lack of duty thereof. Each world is a mirror image of the earth,  landmasses, and all, with exception to the Apex of Aquarius that has no land above water at all. Each is controlled by completely different civilizations numbering into the thousands. And in the last twenty years since its discovery, a lot has changed. What's your story? Who do you work for? Where are your headquarters? Are you an independent freelancer? Do you use man-made gates to access the magic world or just travel to the nearest natural gate? Are you a wizard or warrior, thief, or priest of the old gods?  A veteran of the invasion wars? Or perhaps fresh out of RPG! Are you a colonist? A philanthropist? Perhaps you'd rather not say. No worries, your profile, your story, your character, is yours to embellish.

Character creation is straight forward 4d6 for ability scores,  toss out the lowest

Any class, race,  kit, level 10 through 17

5 free magical items of your choice,  an artifact counts as 3

any mount or familiar

basic proficiencies,  don't forget,  that the number of additional languages you get can be added to your non-weapon proficiencies slots.  

all players character sheets will be screened and edited if necessary,  but not without some communication :)

I look forward to some heavy treasure yielding combat with some great personalities.

Unlike many Dungeon Masters, I roll my dice public and let them stand.  If this makes the cut and I'm able to come back and edit or add needed information,  I will most definitely do so.

Good luck and have fun
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