Me and Paltalk

So um...

Sensitive subject for a paltalk admin or die hard member to read I suppose.  But for the life of me,  I cannot understand how people feel they are so entitled to something that they demand it of people or begin insulting them unless they get it.

I don't spin rooms that's sole focus is about cam count and nudity.  My music is as good as the next.  But I'm a Dj not a talk show host.  If you dot or boot people who don't live up to your spotlight, it's less than encouraging to want to be a part of your circus. Yes,  I understand your wanting your room hosts to host the room and welcome people and talk and entertain.  But don't call them Djs then.  And in turn,  don't insult Djs for not being hosts.

Yes,  I have a microphone. 

So you learned to spin tunes on paltalk and have been doing it for years and your telling me how to Dj?  Tell me,  last time you went to see a Dj in concert,  did he or she lower the music volume so they could tell you every detail of their lives?  When your listening to the radio,  do you listen to the radio to listen to the talk shows or music?  Notice how they are not always necessarily happening at the same time? Yeah okay so,  your set in your ways and there's no changing your room format and that's not what I think you should do.  I am simply saying,  your asking for non stop talking hosts,  not djs.  Try  not to insult real Djs who,  um,  get paid good money for putting on shows.  Saying we are not Djs,  because we don't want to come up and be like you and talk talk talk,  well,  its kinda rude.  and yeah,  makes you look like an idiot,  sorry.

I dropped $5,000.00 in my new system and came back to paltalk to keep in practice and listen to music.  I like to support rooms cam count by putting my cam on.  But not if,  some female host is setting there saying,  hey i want to see your dick.  Again,  I don't give a fuck what you want.  I damn sure did not come to paltalk to change my values or ethics.  I am not a prude,  I can enjoy a good adult room and have for years.  

If you said,  hey,  give shout outs,  give a jingle for the room,  promote the room (moderately between songs)  with some sort of music format,  instead of loose cannon amateur hour 24/7.  You have some amazing hosts.  But you have also free air time,  where every nightmare host in the world steps up and can kill a rooms vibe.  I'd limit my hosts to whose good at it and whose good at djing,  and then maybe try to list show time as showtime and open mic as open mic (Music time?)  you've lost the big picture by trying to force people into being something they might not necessarily be.  Yes,  how would someone know if they were good at it or not,  unless they try?  

There are tons of professional hosts on Paltalk.  Entertaining ones.  Note how none of them are drooling on mic talking to females how they went to stick something in them.  Its called Couth. None of them are standing up and dropping their drawers.  This Dj right here,  ain't never gonna stoop to such a level.  Cause why?  cause I'm married happily for 35 years and if I wanted to be a strip club dj,  I'd work at a strip club as a dj?  I ain't never asked a female on paltalk for a thing and I'm not looking for that at all.  I am not bitter at you for it.  Its just not what I'm here for. flash....Im a Dj whose thinking paltalk's a wasted install,  but as they say,  its what you make of it.  

So,  here we are,  your room.  your struggling to have djs on the mic,  as I observe quite often.  And even in the we hours of the night when its slow,  you complain about getting stuck on the mic.  hosts are reluctant to take the mic for fear of getting stuck there.  could it be,  maybe you take the spirit out the moment?  People fear entertaining your room cause they don't want to be dotted for not talking enough,  or talking about the wrong things apparently.  Sit back and tell people how to Dj and wonder why they don't want to.  Or you could stay stuck on the mic,  struggling to think of things to talk about.

Or what if,  hmmmm,  someone was an actual dj.  Using turntables,  software or ya know,  actual djing,  where the dj isn't using spotify or iTunes.  where they are actually thinking of what song blends into the next one.  It might be a bit of a challenge to sit up there and carry a conversation while trying to cue up a song in your ear.  But what would you know about that?  Half the time your not even sure what your next song is gonna be.   Your right,  clearly,  we are different.  We all make choices.  You keep wanting something,  yet,  your trying to force something.  My ideal room concept?

open mic = djs welcome to give a shout out and welcome at any time during the set,  but not talk during the entire song about bullshit nobody wants to hear

hosts = give them a half hour at least (or a scheduled event),  if not an hour.  they are looking for the spot light.  hopefully they have something worthy to share.

events = 

events should be specifically designated as one type of event or the other. 


Like,  A Dj can be scheduled for an event,  as less talking would be expected,  as the emphasis is on the mix the djs skill,  not just someone picking 3 tunes,  with commercial breaks etc.  these means a scheduled DJ event, is not a DJ event,  if they are using spotify or just randomly picking tunes.  You wanna draw a fine line between the three song picker and the person whose actually blending mixes,  or created them,  not playing youtube?  The difference?  A (2) hour set or more of no commercials,  no breaks and oh if I'm defining this for you,  you've never been to a Dj event in real life.  Ya know,  something other than the guy in his garage :)

Hosts,  well Hosts are talkers, might have music in the background,  but no doubt they have some sort of agenda,  hopefully.  Some people can wing it,  some can't.  Games,  I do not see any shortage of these types of Hosts on Paltalk

As a room owner,  admins etc.  Seems like accepting these two differences and using them for what they are best at,  would better serve your room,  js.  Even 3 song djs with no mic would not be so hesitant to help fill airtime,  if they weren't fearing being dotted for helping you out.  Another thing too,  if there's open mic time designated for this,  then your admins don't have to sit in waiting to pounce on the poor amateur who isn't talking.  It'd be like,  yeah,  he or shes not required to right now so ease up. Cause no offense, sitting here watching a dozen admins in a room who don't want to hand up and play,  criticize and pounce all over someone who just wants to play a tune.  Sitting in a room,  watching someone hesitant to play,  gets permission to play without a mic,  then while playing,  the room owner comes in and dots them for not talking.  Ya'll need to sort this out,  ya come off as rude as hell to outsiders with power-tripping about forcing people out of their comfort zones and then blasting them when they do. Or not at least asking your admins first before blasting the poor person who did in fact ask if they could play and was told to play.  No it wasn't me.  I was next on mic,  but when I saw that,  I dropped my hand because the vibe of the room went to shit because of it. can stay stuck :) your room owners don't concern themselves about that,  they do their show and they leave it on you.  What I am about to say is no disrespect at all.  In fact the opposite.  Cause I do respect them for their Skills. Not everyone is "Lush" or "Bo Rebel",  too many people are trying to be them,  that have no business trying and are embarrassing themselves trying.   And me?  I am never aspiring to be anyone else but me.  

After initially writing this,  it occurred to me,  that at this point,  I need to seriously acknowledge and recognize,  that yes,  there are some very damn talented and charismatic hosts on Paltalk,  who have,  in their ability,  transgressed themselves along the lines of being both DJ and host.  Rare as they are,  they themselves should respect what I've said here more than anyone.  I am addressing the difference between a DJ whose performing musically and a host. Both have their place,  respect is deserved.  You don't hear Djs coming on the stage however,  talking about a hosts lack of mixing skill.  So why should a host be so quick to  cross the trade line.  Unless of course,  that mix their playing is their own work?   



Music Producers

The little Me:


Trust in this,  Pal Fame never landed mea paycheck and never got me booked at the Hard Rock Cafe.  I am under dog Dj,  I work large and small events.  It took me years to get where I am and i started spinning vinyl back in 1983 when Spring Breaks were real in Daytona,  where a local station (WZIP) djs were on the pooldeck and  listened in and offered me a job to work for them at $100.00 an hour as their mobile dj the next morning having breakfast.  I'm a mobile dj.  I am not about spotlights or fame,  I am about helping people who cannot afford Dj services.  I do weddings and every kind of event asked of me.  But do I want to sit on mic and struggle to try to come up with something to say,  or share my lives gab over music my entire set.  Not a chance in hell. I work for myself now.  Every once in a while local stations get involved in events and I'm quite often in the middle of it,  cause my mobile rig is accommodating.  I don't do country tunes much,  but I most certainly can.  In fact 96.9 KAYO Country even had us join them a few years back.  We giggle at this,  cause,  years of patience and stuff have paid off and networking at all those city functions and being out there,  its paying off and sometimes,  its funny how things happen.  so how I am on mic and where I am on mic, I am not changing me for anything.  I am,  therefore,  I jam. 

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