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My craze for music had a-rockin'  start. whether it be my basement,  my bedroom or the garage,  somewhere,  somehow,  there was sound.  Always was known to be the guy with the tunes.  And yes,  I was the guy in high school that had a boom box across his shoulder.

Virgo, 53 years young,  consider myself extremely diverse in my taste of music.  by appearance,  you label me a rocker.  but truth be told,  the club scene is equally a favorite.  love love loves seeing someone who is a DJ or wanna be DJ start mocking my choice of music or platform before getting to know me.

I did my days in vinyl back in 83,  started spinning as a spring break DJ in Daytona beach and earned my way from the motel club,  to top 40 djing as a mobile DJ for a small radio station.  And no it wasn't a hobby,  the rate of pay was 100.00 an hour.

Soon after did the military gig,  yes I was that guy with the store bought linear tracker at all the keg parties in 85 at Fort Gordon's Grims Brims Barracks. Met the woman of my dreams,  lived and loved,  had babies and yet still,  never lost my touch and love of music.  Did some gigs here and there,  was always known as the host and entertainer of events.  But it wasn't until around 2005 that life dealt us a nice hand and our nightlife was reborn. Meeting fellow lovers of music working a normal job as what they called a back of the house,  trainer for a seafood restaurant.  Upon seeing someone else giving up on his wanting to be in the biz,  just started my fire all over again. 


Beginning to collect music and equipment again,  we soon found ourselves doing a couple of weddings.  We hit the road for Washington state,  survived great tragedy and had the life of music bite us right in the ass.  ever heard the saying careful what you wish for?  Well, ours was more like a prayer that promised that we would use our skills to help people who couldn't afford a normal DJ and never make this about money.

we said let's jam pot luck,  for earth day for our neighborhood.  And we did,  this introduced us to someone in charge of a fishing derby for moose lodge.  Which turned out to be a great event and we were there.  We then hit the local chamber of commerce and city websites looking for events.  next thing you know we were rocking a professional bbQ competition and a car show,  and a business after hours.  which introduced us to fifty business owners.  which introduced us to a bunch of doctors.  which led us to belong to part of a group called friends of the park.  which had doctors and city parks and recreations attending.  Which led to meeting the mayor.  which led to time to license up! lmao.  no seriously at this point our phone was ringing so much that when we went to list our business with the city website,  the city clerk was like,  I don't see a license for you guys.  Well,  despite all the events listed already,  we didn't know how long it was gonna last.  up to this point,  we were networking and doing charity work and learned we still needed to be licensed up.  But what about a name.  what would be our official name?  well it was during one particular event,  Washington Elementary School (Centralia Washington) that they were having a survival island tropical themed field day,  when I was speaking to the kids and realized I did not like saying, DJ Chris,  and since it was island themed I said,  hey kids Dj Kahuna here,  and the kids cheered and we did Centralia's largest cha cha slide.  And that's where the name came from.  so when it was time to license up,  it was none other than Kahunas mobile entertainment. and all that,  and it's only a fraction of the gigs we wound up booking.  networking and helping people.  But it was after being called in to interview with Judy Devaul, of Devaul publishing,  that really sparked our recognition.  Responding to my opinion about what a local DJ thinks about iPod weddings,  we wound up listed in the bridle section of 5 newspapers and yes,  our phone kept ringing.  

alas, now here we are in 2019, at age 53 and having just moved back.   We jammed las vegas,  we jammed Shreveport and now we're back where we earned our stripes here to Washingtonians and we are very glad to be back,  I eagerly search for my place in some establishment on a nightly basis.  a few days a week

were not looking for lights and fame,  just consistency so that we can put our skills back into doing what we do best,  helping others. whether it be commissioned by another station,  city functions,  charity events,  birthdays,  heck we've done just about all types of events. 

but ideally,  I yearn to be a resident DJ.  I have the gear,  the library and the many years of experience that give diversity. We are about to embark on the next level of our business journey and eager to take stage.

and bar owners?  we don't drink,  so one less thing you need to worry about.

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