Emporial Mageries



With nearly ten thousand cities in this dimension. A fair comparison to earth's number of cities. A complete directory has yet to be provided from the Emporial Mageries. Much like you will not find listings of all of the earth cities. While earth is like an open book with the internet. The Emporial Mageries is run by the most powerful wizards known. Lands and dominion over them and so forth make for travel restrictions constantly.


Authorized colonization exists but only under a strict screening process. The Council has set up three main visitation cities protected under the councils “Veil of the Mages”

Tethyr, Knotake, and Dutham


it would be safe to say that under the safety and veil of protection within these two cities. They may even come off as a touristy. True as that may be for some lucky soul, the truth is the majority of inhabitants at these three cities are colonists. From arrays of schools and education to family housing and STUDENTS. These three Emporial Resorts are top-notch for leisure vacation time with all the comforts, intrigue, and mystery as any big city. Yet in the basking light of the green sun of M. Unlike the sun of everywhere else, under the protection of the veil of the mages, the sun appears green.


Tethyr. Rests in Drakkonar Valley, which for all interesting purposes, is host to a Tower of Wyrm. Wood Elves dominate the Region, with Mountain Dwarves to the West. Hill Giants to the North and Orcish Hordes to the South. With the ocean waters off the eastern edge. Home to an Earth gate as well, if you walk through the main streets of Lightanium and take the right turn, you enter Earth inside what was once Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Because of this, this tells you the regions weather commonalities. Making it a dual Resort for inhabitants from both sides to come and cross over. A truly fine example of living with moderns in medieval worlds and how it can work.

Tethyr Establishment Notes: Information Placeholders to be detailed,  mentioned in game
The Singin' Springs Trading Post
The Grog


Dawnmere, Grayfell, Wolfstorm and Redwater tribes

Knotake. Knotake would not be a resort consideration at all, had it not been for the absolute protection from the Veil of the Mages. And even then, it's not for the faint at heart. Many call it the second time city. They call it that because if your first visit didn't show you fear then you need to visit this city on your second visit to be sure your eyes are opened. Festivals fit for kings, safari's into the marsh, Those seeking the sport of danger look no further. Knotake farms as it was once known as rests in the 11th district of "abound". Under normal circumstances, a district of the abound is known for its abundant growth and all of its contents therein. The 11th district is home to a permanent Aperture gate. Straight from the depths of hell and slap in the middle of a resort vested with the veil of the mages. Though there have been mysterious deaths that beg to question. It is described as standing at an invisible wall at some places where things beyond imagination have been encountered as seen through invisible glass, but its not glass, its the veil of protection. But there are a great many things in the Aperature whose company you do not want to entertain. The mind is a difficult thing to protect. Earth gate for Knotake is located in Sudan Africa


Dutham. Dutham is a winter wonderland getaway. Its Earth gate location Toyama, Japan. While on the Mageries side it resides in the Antarctica of the Mageries, Dutham. In agreement with the council of views, the dwarves of nearby Dugindar and their excellent craftsmanship often carried by the council, have agreed on public venture and gain agreements with colonists who use Dutham to move from Earth into the Mageries. Dutham is one of the few places the wizards of the council don't mind nonmagic using colonists settling. Far from the magical civilizations and home to these dimensions best forges. If a craft is what your yearning to learn. To find work and to do so here, is an honor and privilege, even though it's open to the public. A schooling city in its own right, its medieval foundations, and makings, grant it an authorized unveiled access.

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