to play music with good sound on paltalk,  you need to have stereo mix enabled in your computer.

you do not want to play music and then hold your microphone to the speaker so people can hear,  instead you want to have stereomix enabled,  so that when you play music in the room,  they hear it like you hear it.  First let me say,  I'm on windows 10,  this is for windows 10,  but once you've made it to sound settings its the same for most all systems.  and if you don't have stereo mix in your pc,  you can get it free,  stay tuned.

HD audio drivers from the real tek website,  will give you the best audio drivers for your system,  the downloads are here

To Enable Stereomix,  you need to find your way in your computer to sound settings

1. In my system tray,  type "sound settings"

2. click on that, sound settings will open

3. right side of page there is a list,  "related settings"

4. in the list choose,  "sound control panel"

5. by default it opens in the "playback" tab

6. choose "recording" tab of these settings

In the "recording" tab, 
on this list of things we're looking for "stereomix",  it might not have the green check on it. 


if you have it,  right click on it,  choose enable


if you do not see stereomix on this list, 


don't worry it may still be there see next step

1. "right" click somewhere in the empty space

( like the red "x" I drew in the picture, 


make sure "show disabled devices" is checked

now if stereomix is now on your list,

right click on it and enable it

the next step,  if you have enabled stereomix,  is how to set the outgoing audio volume for your audience,  cause if you leave it at 100% it would not be good,  it would blast your audience and sound distorted, so we need to adjust the volume of this new stereomix

and if you don't have stereomix yet even after you checked "show disabled devices"  and its still not there,  no worries your computer doesn't have stereomix audio drivers.  but you can get them here by selecting the right ones you need,  install them,  restart your system and then come back here again looking for stereomix and be sure its enabled

Realtek HD Audio Drivers Official Site

select the ones that match your operating system.

1. right click stereo mix

2. select properties

3. choose levels tab

4. set level to 69%

once again,  broadcasting music at 100% will sound distorted,  test your levels and get someone to sound check whats best for your system.  you may feel it could be a little higher,  high end sound cards may require you to turn it down some.

Important note:  in the end results,  for best sound to your audience

this stereo mix volume set at 69%

and whatever device is playing music

its volume should be close to the same,  anything above 80% and you'll likely get complaints of distorted music.  there are many on paltalk with far more experience in these settings.  this is simply what works for me,  system results may vary from system to system but I believe these to be very close to normal volume settings.

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