Welcome to the M Frame




You are currently connected to M Frame terminal MC000.


Current inter-dimensional advisories –


(7,777 Gates) At any given time, there are 707 gates in each realm. It is believed that it can never be more than 707 gates in one dimension at any time. As in many cases and quite often, as gates change location randomly, not all gates are under control. Though, once detected it can then be listed in the directory. The number in the parenthesis is current-controlled and located gates.

(701) Earth – Magories Veil

(598) Mageries – Open access, restricted regions

(456) Wyrm – Ill-advised travel

(380) Apex – Open access, restricted regions, with high-level threats. (water world)

(700) Primus – guarded access, Ill-advised travel

(707) Redemption – Ill-advised travel

(707) Aperature – Guarded access, travel ban

(705) Pore – I'll- advised travel, hazards, high-level threat

(615) Pith – wild magics travel advisory high-level threat

(705) Chromancia – guarded access, travel ban

(699) Mestromnicrom – Travel Ban



If you are a gate seeker for bounty. These charters are sanctioned by the Council of Views of the Magoric Emporial.


Earth bounties have no level restrictions, 50,000 gold pieces and gate name adoption for remainder of the duration of its opening


Level Advisory


10th level or above party members


17th level or above for solo travel visas


M dimension gate seeking for bounty. 500,000 gold pieces, name adoption for remainder of its opening duration.

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