Meeting new friends and fellow Djs on Paltalk.  I created this page so that others might learn how to use xsplit broadcaster and plane9 visualizer on paltalk.  It will seem tedious and many steps, but once its set, you'll have a better understanding and use it as you wish.

Two download sites

Xsplit .......and ...........Plane9

Xsplit = think of it as a window frame,  in which you can layer visuals in order to create a scene

Plane9 = a music visualizer that responds to whatever your listening to

Xsplit when installed and opened,  appears like this

clicking add source brings up its main add source menu

choosing screen capture opens this menu below

so far we've only discussed screen capture,  which there are three options in screen capture

Add Source - Game Capture

if you click add source and game capture,  Xsplit will detect multiple things as a possible game running that its giving you the option of capturing, in my case,  it detected plane 9 and virtual dj,  as it shows in this example

so you've experimented with possible two additions to your scene and might want to remove on

Add source menu,  includes more things to add,  like devices,  that's where you'll find your webcam if you have one running,  I think its best if you not have any other programs using your webcam when you try,  it might fail.  anything that might be dominating your webcam or using it,  might prevent it from working here

All of this should be seeming a bit easier now,  text is the next option and media files after that,  I think they may be self explanatory,  deciding what you'd like to add to your scene,  so the next step in this tutor will be about text,  colors,  size,  fonts and in my personal use,  an important factor,  each item you've added to the scene has translucency (its visibility,  how visible is it,  ghost like,  bright up front etc.  The next couple options I show you,  can be applied to not just text,  but all objects on in your scene,  but the effects are individual,  you'll see

right about now,  you'll be wishing your computer knew more fonts,  no worries,  more than you will ever need are here for free,  watch out some fancy ones cost and don't provide you numbers or special characters,  but I think you'll find more than you'll ever need there,  once you've download ed and installed them,  they will show up in your xsplit font options

right clicking your text box,  opens some more options,  this can be done in different ways on every object in your scene,  by right clicking on them and seeing the tab options that open up for each item

Simple but effective,  the next option applies to all objects in your scene,  right clicking on them  gives you tabs and options,  the color tab holds an important element,  invisibility.  Why?  cause say,  you add a picture to a scene,  then move on top of the other,  or text overlay over a pic,  since you can drag everything in the window and move it around,  sometimes they overlap,  sometimes you want to see both,  try adjusting the translucency of the object to ghost it one over the other

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