Plane9 is not a media player,  it does not connect to any media player, its not a skin.  Its simply a music visualizer that reacts to the sound of whatever your listening to

It happens to work very nicely as a backdrop for special effects use in xsplit broadcaster

when you install it,  it creates I think, 3 icons on your desktop,  but Im only tutoring on 1,  the icon that says configure plane9,  this is your master control panel for plane9.  to run this program you'll need to open configure plane9,  double click it and you get this

If you double click any of those special effects,  your screen or screens are going to become that,  hit esc to go back,  this is one thing this program can do,  it could be a screen saver as well,  one that responds to what it hears

I use it as special effects in xsplit and so I need,  instead of it opening and covering my whole screen.  I need the effect to open in a window instead.  I wish they would have listed all the special effects on the right like some of mine are shown in a list under new playlist,  but it comes with examples,  that open in windows,  the windowed version is what we want to pop up,  yes you can window open more than one,  as far as I know,  there is no limit except your graphics?  I can tell you this,  when i upgraded my video card, these effects appeared much much nicer.  Anyway,  moving on,  how to open individual effects into a window box to use elsewhere.

Click New Playlist - We're going to create something so that its on this list for future use

Now choose the effect you want in the squares,  by selecting it,  a green check appears in the lower right hand corner of the square,  if you see the green check good,  if not click it again

now you picked a single effect, by click new playlist and checking the one you wanted.  This created a new listing on the right below the new playlist button,  you'll see it,  scroll down it will say new playlist with a 1 next to it,  because we only selected 1 special effect in it,  now we scroll down under the new playlist button and we see this

as you see in this above example, I created a playlist with one effect in it,  I had another new playlist so it named mine 2,  yours probably says 1,  its not important,  but what is important,  is that in my example,  I picked the cave as my special effect and I want to remember that this particular playlist is the cave.  so on the name in yours it will be new playlist 1,  double click on the name,  to rename it,  the cave,  like I'm doing here to my playlist

Now that you've created it and its on the list like here,  notice how when you hover your mouse over that one
(the name you created on the list I mean), 
three icons appear to the right of it,  a monitor screen, a virtual reality option and a delete option, we did all this,  so you could have that one visual open in its own box,  click the monitor icon and it will pop up

Now,  you see,  I have the control panel open for effects,  the effect i wanted in a window,  and my xsplit open also  the rest of this tutorial will be about using it,  in xsplit to be a back drop, essentially remember that your building a window with layers,  the visual effect is also just a layer that shows up,  under add source,  game capture

Only 1 tricky part left and on this,  you'll have to figure out

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