Pore of Sequester

Imagine for a moment.  Your setting admiring your treasure loot.  And nearby a Magnance rift opened to the Pore of Sequester. As the natural rift emerged,  out rolled a coin of sequester or object of the sequester, and it comes in contact with your loot.  Then suddenly your coins begin to grow small arms and legs and begin having minds of their own.  and that each item they touched did the same,  and so on.

Inanimate objects come to life in the Pore of Sequester. This is about the only thing that can steer someone's temptation away from the world filled with precious ores and gems.  Lead rivers,  chrome market trees that are alive.  Everything, literally, all within a world with the most abundant riches known to the universe, up for the taking.  If you could survive it coming to life and having a mind of its own. Including the things on your person.  It does not mean every single thing turns that enters the pore.  but a sequester item in contact with an inanimate object,  very well can bring things to life.

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