Origin of Raw Magic, Home to Dark Magic

Primus is a very dangerous place.  Primarily for the most part it's uncivilized,  as civilized is called by modern society.  It's home to thousands of aboriginal tribes and natives.  Cannibals,  witch doctors,  head hunters, and scenes straight of Jumanji nightmares.  but it is also home to the strongest sources of magic.  Some places themselves hold special power.  99.9% of the population here reside and dwell in villages of a very wide variety.  Pictured as you would like any village,  huts,  slightly more sophisticated dwellings underground,  tree villages,  etc.  The lay of the land resembles wooden spears,  bows,  natural weapons,  stone works,  cultural wonders, and civilizations which for the most part hold no alliances except to their own.  All with a commonality that M is the source of all magic and the deity of all in some faceted way of their own upbringing.  Because of its primitive and even prehistoric inhabitants which don't really welcome outsiders.  First assumptions when accessed,  might be an easy conquer.  spears, bows and knives,  traps, snares are no match for a legion of horsemen.  Except,  that the magic here in the land and in the people are undocumented.  No books,  scrolls, or schools.  Just traditions of dark magics,  rune magics,  glyphs,  wards that go back centuries.   Still,  compared to mages of the Mageries,  there may not be much of a challenge for the powerful.  Surely to not be underestimated,  even by wizards of great power.  Because the magics here are unknown to the other dimensions.  Exploration teams from the mageries have attempted to document and retrieve these secrets for their own.  this resulted in hundreds of teams lost of some very highly named wizards who no one would have ever thought would fall.  And its believed that many of those missing wizards are not missing at all but now willing inhabitants of Primus,  who've been seduced by dark magics or enslaved therein.  It would stand to reason,  that those of the dark arts might find this world appealing if they were strong enough to maintain their own mind and ambition and not be seduced.   you see,  enslavement,  whether it be controlled or simply driven into insanity by the raptures of evil magics,  it really doesn't matter the reasons.  Its just safe to say, these dimensions gates when they open are sought quickly and have high value for scouts.  Gaining control and blocking these gates are some of the council of views highest priorities.  thousand of souls are lost or missing every year due to this dimension.  

Because of the darkness of this dimension and its kin to evil and dark magics.  Its inhabitants are also home to many demons and devils and those who would do business with such.  It's believed that are at least a dozen high wizards who reside and make a home in Primus,  but even they must be strong enough to hold unto it,  especially from each other.  There have been no reports of hospitality in Primus.  

Known civilizations

The Bog People

Cannibalism at its finest.  this was actually one of the first documented encounter villages. the survivors that managed to escape reported that they could not communicate with the people no matter what magics they attempted to use to do so.  They reported  the only interest these peoples had in them were to eat them.  Apparently the waters and plants of this area have some sort of sleep enchantment on them that these people are immune to.  those who wander too close find themselves quickly falling under the affects of sleep magics,  never to wake up again.  They also reported that the peoples here,  sink bodies of all types human and creature, into the bog,  as if they are pickling them for future meals

Chateau Woe

The very reason gates are restricted

A priest on a sanctioned Rome expedition

survived exploration here in the Woe Mountains of the Beast dominion,  reported

"An apocalypse gate resides inside the Chateau. "

"We were lost,  when we found the terrain was playing tricks on us when we found ourselves upon this Chateau.  At first, it appeared as perhaps the most hospitable places we'd seen in days.  We were welcomed by a man who said we could stay a couple of days and recover.  Which we literally had no choice after what we'd just been through.  He advised us,  that as was the way of this world,  some of his guests were less than friendly and that we should refrain from exploring the grounds.  And that he was expecting a large party of guests within two days' time so that we be the longest he could accommodate us safely.  But at the end of the first day,  many of his expected guests were arriving early.   We weren't sure from where since we did not see them arrive.  but we soon found the grounds were home to many beasts and creatures whose reaction to our presence was only stopped by our host.  Feeling ourselves in danger,  we opted to leave that night but found our host's demeanor change drastically.  Informing us that were to be his honored guests and that he insisted we stay,  we hesitated as you can imagine,  when we were confronted by some of those guests,  who pleaded with our host to have their way with us.  They addressed him as Baalezebul,  which instantly gave away the delusion of safety to me.  It was at that instant  I tried dimensional folding to escape.  But his keen intelligence was far ahead of me.  Before the light of day could fall on me,  my brothers and sisters were gone.  I managed to slip through the folds,  but not without losing my legs first.  Which were torn from my body as I fell and crawled into the light."

More to come...

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