My particular game is the 2nd edition version of Dungeons and Dragons.  Other game systems are hosted in Macrays Keep as well,  click the pic of Macrays above to visit the site.  Please watch your step, it's under construction but coming along great!

I am a Dungeon Master of a role-playing game.  I've recently begun beta-testing with the owner of Macrays Keep.  I currently will be running a game called R.P.G. Agents 20 A.M. A game set in the year 2130 on earth.  With 10  dimensions that are all out dungeons,  dragons, sorcery, and fiction.  With a new direction,  on a site being built.  I have 50 slots open for characters.  No experience is required.

Yes,  there will be combat,  treasure, story, and intrigue.  But this game is offering,  characters to write themselves into stories,  into the realm,  into the travels.  My goal is to inspire your imagination and to listen to you.  As my game describes,  I ask what your story is,  where have you been?  Whom you work for and what you do are up to you.  While I shall most certainly offer an opportunity to get into thickened combat and quests.  YOU may simply be a wandering soul in the world sharing the story.  Lurkers will be allowed.  People may lurk and watch how it works and if they chose to join in the story or have a story of their own,  its just that simple.  I'm working on adding a lot of information to the "knowledge is power" page.  And then back to the 10 dimensions to add civilizations and so forth.  but there are a total of 10 Earth-sized dimensions,  so a player themselves may teach everyone about a place and race no one has ever heard of.  If for example, Earth had 193 governments,  and if we simply multiplied that by the number of dimensions,  that's roughly 2123 possibly governments and cultures from the M dimension.  I always wanted my players to help create the place.  Especially that giving that player exclusive knowledge.  I will only give out a fraction of info one might expect about an entire nation.  If the theme of the game is about individuality,  quests, non-quests, and the best of all worlds. Then unless you are saving the world or dealing with that government directly,  its an overload of background.  Yet even then,  my pages will grow as we grow.  

Places a character could be from

Earth,  that in the last twenty years learned magic was real as monsters conquered earth

Primus is a native jungle tribal on the entire planet.  Dark magic,  cannibalism in many places.  Very primitive and prehistoric in some places

Emporial Mageries, simply imagine earth,  without technology and full of magic.  Not to copy a famous movie I love,  but my story came out before Harry Potter.  Pretty much though,  very similar.

Wyrm is earth ruled by Dragons.  Some parts still enslave humans,  but for the most part,  the storyline in the last twenty years is that humans are free now.  But not everywhere.

Apex is 100% underwater civilizations.  With some known floating cities.  Its Waterworld, no land masses at all, all water

Redemption means Isles of Redemption cause that's how they appear.  This is the world the ancient Gods were trapped in when magic was forgotten.  At least that's the way M sees it and this is where he wishes them to be.  I don't foresee a character being born here,  but I never underestimated a player's imagination.  Think of the isles as if, you are purposely seeking a God.  You approach its isle and its full of things related to it can be as large as continents.  could be entire quests to seek one out,  or turn out to be the run for your life to escape getting over your head. Even the experienced don't visit here without some great thought into it.

The aperture of Apocalypse is basically hell.  Gates to them are hell gates.  Can't say I've had anyone come from there or want to go there willingly.

Pore,  as in the Pore of Sequester.  It's not impossible that you might be born here and the lifestyle you'd be used to would be very different.  A pore is a place that has magical splendor in excess.  Home of Spores of Sequesters,  which when they come in contact with an inanimate object,  brings them to life.  And its contagious,  Spores affect things by contact and its permanent and can only be taken off an object with a dispel magic spell,  which kills the spore and all the animation in the things it affected.  Which is something you never want to do in the Pore? Say for example a single microscopic spore,  made contact with ten gold coins and they all became animated.  then someone cast dispels magic at the spore itself, all ten gold coins return to being inanimate.  If however,  the dispel magic spell was not cast on the spore itself,  but instead on one of the coins,  that single coin would return to inanimate,  while the spore is still alive and the remaining 9 are still animated.  The danger herein,  in the Pore,  is that the more spores that touch an object at the same time,  raises its intelligence and how many times a dispel magic, has to be cast on it to kill it.  to further this danger once more,  I give you this example.  spores blow in the wind,  detect magic can detect them.  but if say,  you angered a group of spores by killing one,  they are self-aware.  They will purposely join forces to become bigger and smarter.  19 spores together on an object would create a 19 intelligence (creature)s with the armor class of the properties it's animating.

Pith,  as in,  the Pith of the Wild.  as an earth-sized very populated world that is under the constant effects of wild magics.  all magic cast in this magical world are subject to random spell results and wild tangents

Chromancia, the earth that basically is a weave of dream-like realities affected by time travel,  visions of time, and memories of the time.  It is probably the only dimension you really should fear going in and out of without a guide.  while your travel may be uneventful, one wrong turn, and you not even born yet.  The laws of physics and concepts are nearly nightmarish to many.  There are many controversial beliefs about why Chromancia even exists.  Some believe the key to merging the ten dimensions back together as one is secretly waiting to be found there.  Though many would not agree with this and believe it to be fairytales.

As you can find in the navigation bar at the top of the page,  there is a home page for the game for more information and where things are being built on my site about this particular game,  here's a short cut Here

Macrays Keep as it describes is a framework for gamers and game masters to play and host their games.  You may even submit an application to run your own game there of course.  hope to see you around.

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